MGS4 Limited Edition Steel PS3  

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We here at the Manor, love love LOVE our PS3. The BluRay is just gorjoi, surfing the net and listening to music and accessing our other machines all work seamlessly from this media center. We are starting to love the games. The folks over at Sony have been stepping it up and with the launch of the Metal Gear Solid 4, the next installment of their popular series they are also about to offer a PS3 with this Limited Edition steel shell you see pictured here. If only Sony who owns Tivo could figure out how to put that onto the PS3.....hrm...

Head on over to Gizmodo for the full details.

Seijnsei says shame on Sony for expecting us to pay $55 for new controllers that vibrate, something most folks argue should have been functional from launch.

Photo - SCEA

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