What What In The Butt  

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Priceless...the rest of the episode sucked.

New Busta Rhymes  

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I love me some Busta Rhymes flow.....hate me some Busta Rhymes homophobic tendencies.

Click here to check out "Don't Touch Me".

I'm sure this will start the buzz underground. If he could get Prince and the NPG to work out that live track with some horns.....this would be FIYAH!

The Maria Bamford Show - SuperDeluxe TV  

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Webisodic TV is becoming my new addiction.

Some things you just can't explain N&N's. This is one of them

Ursh - Love In This Club Video Preview  

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I gotta admit Nieces and Nephews this joint is growin on me. I love the beginning where he says "yeaaaaaaaah man".

Jay Z - The Game Is To Be Sold  

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Jay Z

Hip hop legend and the much rumored soon to be married Jay Z announced a deal with Live Nation, that sees him leaving Def Jam for a deal worth a whopping $150 million dollars. This dealhas the potential to be worth even MORE then the Madonna deal Live Nation just did due to the many successful revenue streams Jay Z already has.

Rumor has it Jay and Fancy will tie the knot in NYC this Friday. Bachelors everywhere will be pouring out a little liquor as the hottest chick in the game gets wified by Joe Camel.

Read more at Reuters.


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This pale yellow ostrich leather shoe from Forzieri is just waiting for your french manicured toes. Whether its with a pair of short jeans and a t-shirt, or a fully color coordinated flirty come hither spring look, you need a shoe like this Nieces.

Janet Does Not ♥ "Rock With U" Video  

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Keep in mind folks the date of this press release is April 1st.....

From Janet Love:

Janet Love has learned that Janet will re-shoot her video for "Rock With U". In a statement released exclusively to Janet Love, Island Def Jam representative Lila Froop confirmed that Janet was unhappy with the initial version of the video and held crisis talks all weekend with director Saam Farahmand. He was given 24 hours to pitch new ideas for a video and has been instructed to have the shoot ready for this coming weekend.

It is believed that this is the primary reason why the original Rock With U video has been pulled from music channels BET, VH1 and MTV in order to prevent it receiving plays so that the new version can be released as and when it is ready.

The new video is expected to receive massive media attention because of the unprecedented decision to spend even more money on an already expensive project. Janet Love will, of course, keep you updated with the latest.

I am very surprised that Ms. Perfection herself let ANYTHING out that was not right in her eyes. I liked the video. I did NOT like the wig cryptery she was featuring in said video. I think this along with the renewed interest for "Feedback" are good signs that IDJ is NOT giving up on "Discipline". I do feel the director is WAY out of his league. Working with someone of Janet's caliber for the first time cannot be easy.

New Kanye Video  

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Now go on and put on that new wig I bought you...  

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No no...the reddish brown one.

11 minutes of FOOLISHNESS!

50 Cent to hunt diamond encrusted skull in Iraq  

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Yeah right. No...seriously, in his new video game "Blood On The Sand" Fiddy will be on the hunt for a bling encrusted dome.

Only the minds of Fiddy and crew could have come up with this winning concept after the smashing success of his last video game.

Yawn. Read more about it at Joystiq.

Post Pregs Jennifer Lopez appears  

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Here's Jennifer Lopez at the premiere of "Shine A Light" in NYC last night. She attended with husband the uber fab vocalist Marc Anthony but his picture didn't warrant posting.

Stare into my eyes and gorjoi puss, not into the pleats of fabric near my newly evacuated stomach region.

SeijnSay says nice try.

Photo - Dlisted

"I'm That Chick Ya Like"  

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Head on over here to listen to Mariah Carey perform "I'm That Chick Ya Like" from her forthcoming E=MC2 album.

Perez Hilton is LATE!!!!!  

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Didn't I serve you this ......already?

You're late hun.

It's hottest and freshest here nieces and nephews. Please believe IT!

Flashback Friday  

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Today's letter is O......

O'Bryan was arguably one of the many prototypes for the conventional male balladeer today.

Ofra Haza's middle eastern stylings can be heard sampled in all kinds of pop, hip hop and r&b recordings.

Oleta Adams, discovered by Roland Orzabal of Tears For Fears made this song written by Brenda Russell famous.

If I need to explain who Roy Orbison is or the significance of this duet with kd lang.......

A slap in the face....  

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See more funny videos at CollegeHumor

Check out how dudes face was all smushed up when the mighty palm made contact.