Flashback Friday  

Posted by SeijnSei

Nieces and Nephews, Spring time is a time of renewal. The rebirth of all the pretty things as nature awakens all that slumbers. It's also the time where love is in the air. Today's flashback letter is D.

My partner and I had the HONOR of experiencing the osity of one of today's flashback artists Diane Shuur in a benefit concert recently and she was a delight. She had an incredible sense of humor and was so gracious. It's like she spent the evening telling us beautiful stories about the collection of songs she presented (psst.....come closer.....I even called one of my sisters in Chicago on my cel phone as she's an avid fan and she heard the whole show). Here is one of my favorite songs by her "Love Dance". Her CD collection of love songs is worth a trip to Best Buy or your used cd store but good luck finding it there. No one with good ears would turn that in.

Here's a little known UK soul sound system, D'influence, with "Good For We". Much in the same vein as Soul II Soul, their overlooked cd of the same title I believe is also worth a trip to the cd store. You must broaden your musical horizons nieces and nephews. Hearing an amazing song can really enhance your life...

I'm including "Coat Of Many Colors" from the legendary and immortal Dolly Parton because I miss my mommy. This is one of those songs that will always connect me to her. Those of you who know my story will understand.

Nieces and nephews, the fiercest pain you will ever feel in your life is the passing of a parent particularly the one who birthed you. If your mom is around, give her a hug for Uncle Seijnsei alright?

Dionne Farris was once the darling of the music industry, and then she said the wrong thing about the wrong person. Here's "Passion" from her stellar eclectic solo debut.

It's Friday, time to let it all go, get you some brown juice and some get right and celebrate! And just as a bonus....even though its not the letter D....I'm not even going to introduce Ms. Thing and this debauchery right here....one of my all time faves. I was going to save it but I couldn't hold her in any longer! Tell me you aren't twirling by 1:30? Oww......

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