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Nephews, a lot of you like myself are self made, and its really hard to get the UP on how to properly shave your face. It's the weekend, and ladies and gents alike love a well manicured puss. If you are using one of these...

 your uncle that is NOT the answer. You are doing your face a huge disservice and wasting lots and lots of money. Our fathers and their fathers alike knew the beauty of a shave with one of these babies right here...

a double edged safety razor. What cartridge manufacturers don't want you to know, is that multiple blades create drag and irritation which in turn cause you to buy more product for skin care. A double edge safety razor is a sound investment and something I guarantee will give you the best shave of your life. Now I know what you are thinking, there is NO WAY I am dragging one of these...

..across my face. Well I'm here to tell you, ALL you have to remember is NOT TO APPLY PRESSURE. The beauty of the single sharp blade is that with practice and shorter more deliberate strokes you will get the hang of this and find you are getting a much closer shave with this single blade in a single pass. This also alleviates most ingrown hairs and hair bumps with the simple addition of passing the blade over your face not against the grain but in a sideways motion (imagine swiping the blade in small strokes from your side burns/cheek to the center of your face). Heavily bearded men like older African Americans, Italians and Arabians have known this for years and would NEVER subject their faces to the torture of cartridge shaving, Razor blades also cost SIGNIFICANTLY LESS than cartridges and saving money is sexy.

You are gonna need some of this stuff....


a nice thick rich shaving foam is an investment in yourself. Nephew's there comes a time when you have to start taking care of yourself in a completely different way. The upkeep gets more and more crucial. Shaving foam is a rich and luxurious moisturizing cream that not only serves to bathe your face in an aromatic lather, but it also positions the hair on your face for cutting. I use Kiehls mainly because its unscented and regularly available. Get rid of that stuff in the can and get yourself something really designed for shaving. Taylor Of Old Bond Street, as well as Geo F. Trumper are all time tested here at the Manor with Lavender cream as well as a host of others. These creams also include other emollients designed to keep your skin in check. Again distinguished gents all over the world have used these products for decades. Pricier then your canned stuff a little bit goes a long way as a result of one of these...


...a genuine badger brush to apply the cream in upward strokes to your freshly scrubbed face. After you wash your face, run a sink full of hot water. Have enough room for all of your materials or bring a tv tray into the bathroom for additional surface area. Never bang your razor on the edge of the sink. They are cheap enough to use a fresh one with every shave and you'll still save money over catridges. Take your brush and dip it into the hot water and let it saturate. Pull it out of the water and the allow the water to drain out and when it stops dripping, its ready for you to swirl a smidge of the shaving cream onto it and lather up in upward strokes to your slightly damp face. Adding more water will make the lather thicker.

Using short deliberate strokes (remember its one EXTREMELY SHARP BLADE), gently glide your new found friend over your fur and you will simply be amazed at the ease in which it comes off. Many of you will never shave any other way ever again. For an even closer shave you can do a second pass as I outlined above. You are going to nick yourself. This is common. Get a styptic pen (not toilet paper) and keep it movin'. After you are done remove all residue with a hot moist face cloth.

Equally important is the moisturizer. Soft supple skin says a lot about you. Lotion is not designed for your face.

I like Neutrogena's Oil Free Moisturizer


Most of these items are available on ebay Nephews or at beauty supply and skin care stores.

Seijnsei says always take the time to properly shave your face.

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