Chris Brown Needs Vocal Vowel Rehab  

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First of all let me be clear, while not a huge Chris "Manbaby"
(I'm just not into that) Brown, I respect his hustle. The brotha does his thing and he's actually a pretty decent entertainer. But can someone please explain to me why he has to hit his vowels so hard on his songs.....

For example..

Run It
'Is your man on the floor, if he ain't let me knowooooohwohooooh"

Which comes out sounding like nuhhhhh......

In that new song "With You" he says "die" and something about the best part of his "day" and I swear before white baby jesus he sounds like them vowels are killing him.

I consulted a few vocalists I know and it sounds like bruh needs to open his mouth.

Say Ahhhh boo-boo....

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