Janet Does Not ♥ "Rock With U" Video  

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Keep in mind folks the date of this press release is April 1st.....

From Janet Love:

Janet Love has learned that Janet will re-shoot her video for "Rock With U". In a statement released exclusively to Janet Love, Island Def Jam representative Lila Froop confirmed that Janet was unhappy with the initial version of the video and held crisis talks all weekend with director Saam Farahmand. He was given 24 hours to pitch new ideas for a video and has been instructed to have the shoot ready for this coming weekend.

It is believed that this is the primary reason why the original Rock With U video has been pulled from music channels BET, VH1 and MTV in order to prevent it receiving plays so that the new version can be released as and when it is ready.

The new video is expected to receive massive media attention because of the unprecedented decision to spend even more money on an already expensive project. Janet Love will, of course, keep you updated with the latest.

I am very surprised that Ms. Perfection herself let ANYTHING out that was not right in her eyes. I liked the video. I did NOT like the wig cryptery she was featuring in said video. I think this along with the renewed interest for "Feedback" are good signs that IDJ is NOT giving up on "Discipline". I do feel the director is WAY out of his league. Working with someone of Janet's caliber for the first time cannot be easy.

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