Wendy Williams - Seriously How YOU doin?  

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First of all if you are NOT streaming Wendy Williams every day from 2-5pm EST, you are truly missing some of the best foofoola on the radio. Ms. Wendy has been lighting up the airwaves with raw uncut gossip and juice since the 90's. So much so in fact that a group of famous A listers with shame in their closets tried to force our Wendy out of NYC!

Well she's been back on with a vengeance and her new TV talker premieres in July.

Oh right so anyway BACK to the scandalabra. The NY post is running a story about one of her interns accusing Wendy's husband Kevin "Shrek" Hunter of abuse and sexual harassment. Nicole Spence, former talent booker at the Wendy Williams Experience dropped THIS bombshell. I would NEVER believe that ANY man could lay a finger on my Wendy, let alone issue an in studio beat down (reminiscent of when she caught it from Mary J. Blige), but you never know what goes on behind folks closed doors. I would however believe Kevin was threatening an intern for not wanting to sleep with her bosses HUSBAND! If you have ever seen him, he has a face only SHE could love.

Now their are rumors circulating that the end of the Wendy Williams Experience and also that her upcoming tv talkie is in jeopardy.

Read all the dish here

SeijnSei says be strong girl. We are all pulling for you.

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