Rihanna - "Take A Bow"  

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First of all no its NOT a remake of Madonna's "Take A Bow" though I'm sure she could do just as poor a job of that song as Madonna did.

Rikiki is set to re-re-release her cd "A Good Girl Gone BAd" for like the 4th time now.

I can't get with this song because it seems like Ne-Yo (who wrote this) continues to try and flip that "Irreplaceable" pancake again. I think it's getting a little crispy and burnt around the edges with lines like "you look so dumb right now, standing outside my house", which sounds NOTHING like "standing in the front your claimin how I'm such a fool".

Anypenny Nieces and Nephews your gay Uncle has you covered and if you so desire you may listen here.

Seijnsei says for every piece of ear candy you injest you should aspire to have a fruit or vegetable.

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