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Whitney Clive Leona

Nieces and is Diva Deluxe Clive Davis apparently introducing Leona Lewis to the woman she stole quite a bit of her style from, the incomparable Whitney "You Give Good Love" Houston. "Spirit" Leona Lewis' debut cd, already out in the UK, is being refashioned for US ears and set to be released on April 8th.

Whitney continues to torture us and make us wait, with no scheduled date for her upcoming release. The next 2 quarters are kind of diva heavy, when you factor in the diva's rwith records out and oming out soon. It's proably a smart move on their part.

At years end Whitney will have a captive audience. Unless Fancy Knowles (who's been awfully quiet on the recording front) decides to sneak something in. You know she can record a whole cd, videos and all in 2 weeks.

That's a firm grip Whitney got ain't it?

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