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There is just no excuse for this. Beyond the fact that both songs are boring with "Touch My Body" just being an amalgamation of "Don't Forget About Us" and "We Belong Together" and "Migrate" just not being a strong song. Both performances featured Mariah's trademark side sway and seizural hand gestures when it appears she's trying to find the note.

I'm sorry there is no SeijnSei TV review of this, but frankly nieces and nephews, there was no train wreck to review. This wasn't even a train stop. Her costumes were just ok.  It looked  as if she found out she was doing the show a few hours ago. Just a totally different kind of hot mess.
Due to technical difficulties the launch of the TV segment of the blog will be pushed off by about a week. I need a mic stand as I plan on using a real mic from my studio and not some cheesy headset.But its still coming. In the mean time your uncle has you covered in case you missed or perhaps fell asleep during Saturday Night Live.

"Touch My Body"

"Migrate w/ T-Pain"

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Can we PLEASE stop giving entertainers credit for looking good? I mean really.

Oh and she's singing live to track just like everyone else and NOT 100% live. She didn't start singing on "Touch My Body" until she got to "If there's a camera up in here...". The fact that she sings OVER her own vocals makes her no better than someone who lip synchs flat out. It's lip synch deluxe.

I loved how she kept looking over her shoulder when it was time for her background vocalist to double her (which if you play close attention to, the background vocalist is doing it for most of both songs). That second song "Migrate" was tired. I don't know why they didn't go with "I'm That Chick You Like" which I actually think is a solid song.

As usual she looked like she was having some lamb induced seizure when it came time for her to play "find the note" and that was the full extent of her performance, that and her side to side sway and touching her body every time she sang "touch my body". Lame.

This is neither a plus or a minus for her at this time. Her album is too far out for this to have had any impact if it was good, but since it wasn't it wont impact it at all.

March 17, 2008 at 12:01 PM

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