Madonna Inducted into RRHOF  

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Madonna Iggy Justin

Here's Madonna along with Justin Timberlake who introduced her as she was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The benchmark must be incredibly low this year as I thought you had to have music relevant to the rock and roll genre for consideration. This coupled with the fact that the hardly rockin 50 year old disco glamour grandma was accepted on her first go round is particularly embarrassing considering the laundry list of deserving but so far not inducted artists floating around out there. Madonna livened up the event by talking about shooting Justin up in his ass and taking E with an old label executive upon commencement of her deal while said exec lay on a hospital gurney. Now that's a class act.  Iggy Pop performed select tunes from her discography that includes such timeless classics as "Dear Jessie" , Going Bananas" and "Jimmy Jimmy".  A good time was had by some.

Seijnsei says Prince is already in. What do I care?

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