The Legendary Walks - Janet Jackson  

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At around 1:11 seconds into this video, Janet Jackson enters the stage, smiling, hair flowing, just enough cleavage exposed as it should be, the original golden goddess....... a vision in a gorgeous floor length white gown so long you cant see her shoes and then proceeds to walk FULL PROFILE (across what seemed like 50 feet of stage), while walking a straight line across the stage set up at an angle, so you can see every ounce of her osity in action. BITCH!

I don't know how many of you can appreciate the sheer physics of accomplishing this without falling on your face but I'll be damned if she didn't do it and therefore "peed" all over the stage in the process. I was truly gagginating at the sight! There was nothing more to do. Oh yeah and then they gave her an award where she spoke, remaining absolutely gorjoi. She cannot possibly amass another solitary "point" or compliment that hasn't been paid.

THAT nieces and nephews is the legendary walk of one Ms. Janet Damita Jo Jackson. A truly truly legendary walk and entertainer who is often imitated but NEVAH duplicated. The Royal Order of the Glamazon Council decreed that there is no further proof needed. This would also be the individual that The SashaBot 3000, Fancy Knowles stole her "pony walk" from. I truly believe she just wants to make potholes cause her walk is severe. A hard walk like that must be great on the ankles.

Video courtesy of The Daily Motion

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