Exotic + Pretty = ?  

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Imagine you're the golden goddess Kimora Lee Simmon's herself and your biologial clock, like your gorgeous loins are ON FIRE!!!!! She like Angelina Jolie is a puzzle to me in that its amazing she can somehow stay unpregnant. Women like that just ooze sex and usually want to have children. So Kimora Lee is faced with the daunting task of tempting fate by once again reproducing. Here she is with her gorjoi children Ming Lee and Aoki, sired by hip hop mogul Russell Simmons, and showing up in name only on their persons. The gods were kind to her...

Kimora Kids

And here is a photo of Kimora with current speculated baby daddy Djimon Honsou...

Kimora Djimon

Since nobody else wants to say it I will, but with a disclaimer of sorts first. I personally think Djimon Honsou is big chocolately helping of "yes please and thank you", but there's a whole lot of exotic going on there. Exotic + Pretty doesn't always make pretty.

I imagine a future where the other children won't want to play with their unfortunate looking sibling. But seriously, congratulations and good luck on the upcoming bundle of soon we shall see.

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