Church and Chuuch  

Posted by SeijnSei

This issue with churches (the great whore), their reverends/pastors and politicians has gotten COMPLETELY out of control. I for one am sick and dam tired of hearing people, mainly caucasion folks who rarely set foot in a black church basically talk about how we get our praise and worship on.

This is ya'll at Church....

And this is how WE do at Chuuch (notice the different spelling and e'erythang)

This is how you need to send up your praise after 400 years of slavery and oppression. 400 years of being given entrails to eat, entrails which now feature prominently in the finest gourmet establishments. 400 years of being told we were not worthy of life, the pursuit of happiness, the name it, people of color have been denied it. 400 years of overtime for which there have been no payments, no reparation, no 40 acres, no mules. 400 years of having our music, our hairstyles, our culture, our clothing, our slang, our very essence as a people STOLEN. 400 years of watching you fast track liquor stores and gentrification projects wherever it suits you while importing drugs and building better prisons to hold us in return? Hell why don't some of ya'll wanna take credit for the beatings and lynchings? Don't get me to goin.....

So PUHLEASE, don't give me that SHIT about black folks just being angry. This is how WE praise and a manner we feel HE is worthy to be praised in. Our services nurture mind body and spirit, while helping you work up the last appetite as you know Sister O'Dell is gonna give you something you can feel in the basement when the chuuch gathers for dinner and more praise! Don't hate because you all have boring, dry ass, long and drawn out quiet services where its hard to understand how anyone stays awake. Was it not said "make a joyful noise unto the lord"! Did you hear the joy in that first one? No but I bet you good and dam well you heard it in the second one.

Seijnsei says to each his gawd damned own!

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