Bill O'Reilly might have infested Fox News with Bed Bugs!!!!  

Posted by SeijnSei

Crusty news curmudgeon, pathological liar and sex freak Bill O'Reilly, a premier hate monger at Fox News might have reason to be so uncomfortable all the time.

From The New York Times....

While grappling with MSNBC and CNN for viewers, Fox News has also been battling a smaller, more insidious enemy closer to home: bed bugs in its Midtown Manhattan newsroom. In an interview on Monday, Warren Vandeveer, senior vice president for operations and engineering at Fox News, said the cable channel had realized it had a problem a few weeks ago, when an employee “caught a bug and showed it to us.” An exterminator determined that the incursion was limited to a “very small area in the newsroom.” But the source of the bugs was not determined until the exterminator inspected the homes of about 20 employees. Mr. Vandeveer said the exterminator later described one employee’s home as having “the worst infestation he had seen in 25 years in the business.” After making large bags available for employees to stash their belongings, and replacing a number of fabric-covered desk chairs, Mr. Vandeveer said that the treatments had ended about a week ago, and that the problem had been contained. “It’s totally eradicated,” he said.

Seijnsei says, mud slinging is such a filthy business. Fox News has the cooties!!!!!!

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